Why the Gilis is the Perfect Place
to do Your Divemaster Internship

Where are the Gili Islands?

“Gili” in the local “Sasak” language (which you will inevitably pick up while living here) literally translates to “small island”. The Gili islands are composed of three, very small islands, located off the coast of North West Lombok, Indonesia. Each island has its own charm and something a little different to offer.

How do I get there?

Become a Gili Air Divemaster Intern

If you’ve already done a bit of research, you know that the most obvious reason to come dive the Gilis are the reefs and warm waters we have here. But in addition to this, there’s a few other qualities these islands have to offer that you won’t get anywhere else. And by this we are talking about an amazing island life.

What it’s like to live on a tiny island?

Now that you know that Gili Air offers the best of both worlds, there’s even more to be excited about. Being a very small island, Gili Air offers a strong sense of community. Be ready for your morning bike ride to the dive shop filled with familiar faces, joyful greetings and Indonesian phrases. As well as looking out for chickens and cows crossing the road. There’s nothing quite like living in a tropical bubble filled with good views, sunsets, local culture and diving. Every single day.

Sounds great! What’s next?

Sold? We thought so. If you’re still unsure about taking the leap towards doing your divemaster and what steps to take afterward, we’ve got blog posts that cover that too.



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Live the island live as you are doing a Divemaster Internship or Marine conservation works with 3W Dive center