Where is the best place to do your divemaster internship

Step one: clarify and prioritize what matters the most for you

First, you need to create a list of your personal desires that will have to be fulfilled by the divemaster offers you will come across. Start by defining what your end goals are, and put them in order from the most to the least important. To help you, here are some core questions that should be answered, but you must create and add your own questions.

  • What is my maximum budget?
  • How much time am I willing to take?
  • Why do I want to become a divemaster?
  • Does cultural and lifestyle experience matter to me?
  • In what type of diving conditions do I want to dive? (Sea conditions, water temperature, daily dive rotation, daily time spent on the boat, number of open water dive per day, etc…)
  • Do I want to have the opportunity to learn about marine conversation while doing my divemaster internship?
  • Am I planning to become an instructor soon after my divemaster?
  • How much value do I place on the vibe of the dive center and the environment where I will do my divemaster (nature versus concrete buildings)?
  • Who is going to be in charge and supervise my daily training?

Step two: do your homework, talk to people, and don’t be naive

When the time comes to evaluate an offer, do not stop at the beautiful pictures and catchy titles. Look for priceless feedback from people who have done it. There is nothing better than getting input directly from someone who has been there, done it, and has nothing to gain from their feedback. Testimonials are not enough though, email and chat directly with those ex-interns to hear it directly from the source.

How much should you pay for your divemaster internship
or should you get it for free?

Which diving agency should I do my divemaster with? PADI or SSI?

The differences between the PADI and SSI divemaster course program are small. At the end of the day, where and with which diving instructor you train with are what matter the most! What you want to look at is the diving conditions, the quality of the dive center, and how passionate the diving instructors are. Those are the factors that will make the difference when it comes to your divemaster training. To understand a bit more about the differences between PADI and SSI though, we wrote all about it here: PADI or SSI: Which Agency is Right for You?

Can I find a job as a divemaster and make a living out of it?

Many candidates dream to get a divemaster job offer at the end of their training. However, in most tropical countries the reality is that not many divemaster positions allow you to earn decent money. Divemaster jobs are also scarce for westerners for many different reasons. This issue is quiet complex but very interesting and you definately want to have a good grasp on the divemaster job situation in the diving industry. The following article is a MUST READ if you are thinking about working as a divemaster: Is it Possible To Make a Living as a Divemaster?



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