The Scuba Diving Digital Nomad

Is it possible to combine scuba diving and the island lifestyle with that of a digital nomad lifestyle?

The answer: Gili Air Island, Lombok, Indonesia.

It took us a little while to make our wifi speedy enough to be able to call our little island “a digital nomads friendly paradise.” Now that our data is 4G and our wifi has more consistent strength than ever, we have everything you could ever hope for in a digital diver’s tropical paradise.

What’s the deal with island internet?

You should definitely invest in a local sim card. Telkomsel is our favourite (and most reliable) carrier on the island, but there are more options if you’d also like to get a back-up sim. The nice thing about this service provider is that it has an app that is super easy to use to top up your pulsa (data). For $5 — $10 every month, you can have 5–37 gigs of data! It’s inexpensive and effective.

There are also plenty of options for wifi if you don’t want to just chew through your monthly data budget. From having strong wifi in your homestay or villa, to utilizing a good data connection and wifi in the beautiful beach-side restaurants. This is all illustrated in the blog post that we mentioned above. You can read up on all of our connection-related tips and tricks here.

What’s so addicting about island life?

You’ll find the cost of living here on the island is much cheaper than (Bali) Canggu, Uluwatu or Ubud. For $300-$400 a month, you could find comfortable and amazing accommodation all over the island.

An amazing variety of food (not to mention cheap)! Spoil yourself with tastes of home at western restaurants or with the local flavored Indonesian food.

To read about the specifics of Island life and how to join the 3W Dive tribe, check out our blog post Island Life Gili Air.

How best to enjoy scuba diving and the underwater world?

All of our dive sites can be reached in about 20 minutes from the dive shop. For those who have a tendency to get sea sick, not to worry! The dive sites are so close that you won’t have time to feel anything but excitement.

Macro dives, deep adventure, wreck dives, night dives, drift dives, all at your fingertips with warm tropical crystal clear water. If dive experience or dive education is what you want, then you should definitely consider Gili Air in your list of digital nomad paradises.

There are also varying conditions for every level of diver. A shallow, 12 meter dive site with massive green sea turtles and almost no current like Hans Reef is just one example of an ideal dive site for beginners. And for the ones choosing the Divemaster program, adventure to the Glenn Nusa Wreck at 30 meters or even to Deep Turbo will be some memorable dives to get certified past that depth. We’ll progressively introduce you to all the dive conditions that you’ll need to thicken your experience as a diver.

If you’ve made it to this website and specifically this blog post, then it’s pretty obvious that we all have very similar goals. To be able to dive as much as possible — to work online from anywhere in the world — to enjoy our tropical lifestyle with little stress.

Whether your aim is to simply stay connected while you travel and dive, experience life on a small island, or simply improve your scuba diving skills, we’ve given you all the information you need to make your decision on setting up your digital nomad hub on Gili Air island.

If you are tempted to taste the Gili island life check out this monthly offer package for digital nomads that we are running!



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