Sustainable Coral farming:
Why is coral recovery important?

What is Sustainable Coral Farming?

Sustainable coral farming is the practise of farming using principles of ecology. In other words, it is the study of relationships between organisms and their environment. It’s not just all about farming and replanting corals, it’s about farming the right species in the right environment.

How does farming corals work?

What is the purpose of farming corals in the first place? This is a process of collecting coral fragments, raising them in carefully-tended nurseries and replanting them on restoration sites. Once they’re installed on the dying reefs, they can then overpower or even protect the dying one.

How do you choose which corals get planted?

Upon first glance, a lot of soft and hard corals look pretty much the same. They differ in color or size, but not much else.

Ocean Gardener Initiative

Here on Gili Air, at 3W Dive, we’ve started a special partnership and restoration initiative with Ocean Gardener.

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