Should You Pay
for a Divemaster Internship or not?

Experience and skill development

Free divemaster internships

Work for your certification means you’ll get plenty of experience in the dive industry. This might include filling tanks, admin tasks and other general dive shop duties. You may also get thrown in at the deep end, guiding customers and getting real, hands-on, divemaster experience. Awesome, that’s what you’re here for, right? Right! There’s nothing better than experience when it comes to creating great divemasters. The question is, how beneficial is this experience to your future as a divemaster?

Paid divemaster internship

Supporting the local economy

Free divemaster internships provide dive centers with free staff. In return for your labor, the dive shop trains you, gives you experience, and certifies you. There is nothing wrong with this if both parties feel they are benefitting. Unfortunately, though, the local people often lose out.

What does the internship include?

As mentioned, divemaster internships don’t always fit neatly into ‘paid’ or ‘free’, even if they claim to. A paid internship may not cover everything, and a free one might have extra costs. But this is not always a negative thing. As long as you are aware of what is and isn’t included and there are no hidden surprises, you can make an informed choice.

Things which may, or may not, be included in your internship

A divemaster course requires some essential tools, manuals, and a final certification if you hope to actually work in the industry. Any or all of these can be extra costs, so it is definitely worth checking!

The 3W Divemaster Internship



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