Off The Beaten Track Divemaster Internship: How It’s Different And Why You Should Enrol In One

2 min readOct 20, 2022


Why you should step into the diving world with a divemaster internship that gets you off the beaten path

Travelling can be done in different ways, but we all know that some are just cooler than others.

And when it comes to scuba diving, getting off the beaten track to do your divemaster internship is a way to disconnect from the modern world and fully enjoy the moment.

Because life can get a bit stressful, right?

• Aimlessly scrolling through social media
• Feeling like you could do more
• Seeking adventure
• Wanting to learn new skills that enrich your life

Thankfully, The 3W Tribe dive center (located in Gili Air) is a safe retreat for divemaster candidates who want to live a life of dive and travel.

And as a general rule, Indonesia has some of the best under-the-radar destinations with some ah-mazing diving spots. That’s partly why doing the divemaster internship in the Gili Islands is so well spoken about in diving circles.

Stunning location: the temptations of island life

Granted, not everyone is suited to island life. Gili Air has no cars and a patchy WIFI connection, but there are a handful of shops and even bars serving ice-cold beers.

What more could you ask for? And if you want to experience the island life on a more personal level, there’s plenty good food to try and a welcoming local community. So suit up, you might even get invited to a wedding!

Oh, and the diving is pretty dope too.

Fewer tourists, less selfie sticks and muted phone notifications also mean less crowded dive sites. So if you’re interested in conservation projects or want to swim in pristine waters, you get more from an off-the-beaten-track divemaster internship in Indonesia. You can practice your diving skills at your own pace and gain valuable work experience, which you can’t do in over-stomped tourist destinations.

Stunning location: the temptations of island life

It’s a big world filled with beautiful secrets — above and below the surface.

You only have to be willing to search for them and focus on making memories you can be proud of.

Are you in?




Live the island live as you are doing a Divemaster Internship or Marine conservation works with 3W Dive center