Micro-Fragmentation in Situ.
A first by Ocean Gardener

What is Micro-Fragmentation?

The Micro-Fragmentation technique consists of breaking the corals into smaller pieces of 1 to 5 polyps, using a specialised band-saw. This stimulates the coral tissue to grow, allowing them to grow into clones at 25 to 50 times the normal growth rate.

In-Situ Micro-Fragmentation

What Ocean Gardener came up with, is to adapt this technique, in order to do everything directly in the ocean. No pump, no light, no energy is needed apart from cutting the corals, and maintaining them. Even if the condition were far from being perfect with water temperature over 30C for the last 9 months, the results were still amazing. It become then very simple, can be achieved on any beach or boat around the world, directly on the reef. And the results are astonishing!

The missing tool to complete asexual reef restoration

While reef restoration efforts always focused on fast growing species such as Acropora, may be that micro-fragmentation in situ technique is the missing ingredient to improve diversity, and including slower growing species into the mix. And thus achieve a much more natural result.



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