Divemaster Internship With Unlimited Diving:
Why It’s Your Best Choice

2 min readSep 16, 2022


Dive as much as you want and become a confident dive professional who can lead by example

It’s one of the most asked questions: How do you become a good divemaster? Someone who is a) a skilled diver, and b) a scuba role model who helps and inspires both newbies and seasoned divers.

Answer: Choose a divemaster internship with unlimited diving.

Because if you get certified in a mad rush (that is, in only a few weeks), you’ll only be able to squeeze in the required number of dives. And — truth be told — you won’t feel ready to work in the real diving world. You know, give dive briefing, organize logistics, lead dives and assist students on their training courses. The lot. Your Divemaster training, in fact, sets the foundation for your future in the diving industry.

So dive every day — day and night — as much as you can.

But it’s not just about the number of dives

It’s simple. The more varied your dives are, the better you are at:
• Managing drift dives;
• Planning boat dives;
• Preparing for night dives;
• Interacting safely and responsibly with marine life.

But a good divemaster internship is not all unlimited diving either. That’s why The 3W Tribe goes the extra mile to make your Divemaster internship in Indonesia as educational, interesting and rewarding as possible. Because it’s important that as a diver, an ocean-lover, a traveler, you acknowledge what matters to you.

So together with unlimited dives during your Divemaster internship, you can pick and choose extra diving courses and activities that you like. Such as:
• Underwater photography;
• Hands-on experience working on coral conservation projects;
• Wreck diving;
• Sidemount diving.

It’s time to go all in with unlimited diving

If it looks like the divemaster internship takes a long time to complete and involves A LOT of diving, all the better!

You may want to travel the world and live the life of a Divemaster, but if you want to feel confident in your skills, you go to do what you got to do.




Live the island live as you are doing a Divemaster Internship or Marine conservation works with 3W Dive center