Coral conservation in the Gili islands

Marine biodiversity surrounding the Gilis

Located within the Coral Triangle, where it is estimated that 76% of the world’s coral species are found, the coral reefs surrounding the Gili islands are part of a vital system with the highest coral diversity in the world.

However, with over 5 million tourists visiting Indonesia every year, Indonesia has also become one of the largest plastic polluters in the world. This makes marine conservation in the Gilis and Indonesia an extremely urgent cause.

Coral conservation is marine conservation

Ongoing efforts in the Gilis

At 3W Dive, we understand that it often takes grassroots, community efforts to begin to implement change, which is why we started the Trash Hero Gili Air chapter. Trash Hero is just one great way to not only get involved, but to experience first hand how reducing plastic and plastic pollution has a direct impact on our communities above and below the surface.


As an island community that is not only passionate about the resilience of our environment but also relies on it, the Gili Air community is consistently making efforts to move toward a more plastic-free way of life, and finding ways to live more sustainably. In addition to our weekly clean-ups and education events with Trash Hero, there are often tree-planting opportunities, sustainability workshops and informational talks happening all around the Gilis.

3W’s marine conservation internship

3W Dive is always looking for more ways to be a conservation focused dive shop, which is why we’ve developed a partnership with Ocean Gardener and created our marine conservation internship.

As part of our ongoing efforts toward coral conservation within the diving community, we offer a course where divers can learn exactly how to identify different kinds of coral, systems of coral farming, and ways to reduce potential harm that corals face from ongoing human contact.

To learn more about our marine conservation internship and Ocean Gardener, click here.



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Live the island live as you are doing a Divemaster Internship or Marine conservation works with 3W Dive center